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Saab Turbo Kit Replacement Parts:

Background and Basic Install Information

Despite being defunct for over five years, Saab continues to make its mark on society due to hundreds of thousands of their vehicles remaining on the road. When one drives by, an observer is likely to notice two things: the iconically European body design (even their more traditional sedans never really lost the sloped nose and scrunched rear) and the swiftness in which the Saab goes by despite an almost whisper quiet engine. While the former is perhaps what most folks will remember, car aficionados recognize the latter to be the by-product of Saabís mastering of turbocharger engineering.

Of course, these discontinued vehicles - no matter how expertly engineered - are guaranteed to need repairs and replacement parts over the years. The factory turbocharger attached to the engine is no exception to the vulnerabilities of wear and tear. For folks driving a turbocharged Saab 9-3 or 9-5 manufactured in the 1990s or early 2000s, itís likely an entire new turbo kit will be needed, especially once the car crosses the 125,000 mile threshold.

Signs of a failing or otherwise faulty turbocharger include reduced acceleration, poor fuel economy, a constant high-pitched whining from the engine when accelerating, white smoke coming from the exhaust, and of course the infamous check engine light.

So what now? Parts and labor - if the owner goes the repair shop route - are probably going to run near the $2000 mark when all added up. The first step in this situation, apart from securing funds, is to find a reputable mechanic nearby specializing in European vehicles.

However, individuals with the tools, space, and know-how may consider replacing the turbo in their Saab 9-3 or 9-5 on their own. All the Saab parts needed for a completely new turbo kit are available through online parts suppliers. Look for stores carrying genuine Saab parts and Professional Parts Sweden, which is a reputable aftermarket manufacturer of Saab parts including turbochargers. This way, one stands to save significantly on the cost of installing a new turbo kit, perhaps as much as $1000.

Keep in mind, it takes 15-20 hours for experienced Saab specialists to install a new turbo kit. Someone familiar with engine parts but lacking experience can expect to take twice as long. With that said, practice makes perfect and we all have to start somewhere.

It may seem daunting, but bear in mind a functional turbocharger will result in significantly improved fuel economy in a Saab, in addition to a swifter acceleration.

Okay, so what all goes into a turbo kit anyway? This is important to know before shopping around for Saab parts online:
  • -Down Pipe
  • -Fuel Management Unit
  • -Intake
  • -Lines & Hoses
  • -Manifold
  • -Turbocharger
Itís possible the new turbo kit may also require additional parts, such as blow-off valves, intercoolers, and piping, but this depends on the existing system, which varied slightly year by year with most Saab models.

Now itís time to take a step back and hit the pause button on a complete turbo kit install on a Saab. Before ordering the kit and beginning an install, the owner should have a sense for the original expectations incorporated into the specific modelís engineering, and make sure they avoid going over them. Otherwise irreversible engine failure may ensue.

Think about it this way: the car was originally designed to perform a certain way, original turbocharger included. If the turbo is taken out and replaced with one drastically different in terms of performance, it will possibly throw the entire automobile off. This includes the chassis, drive-line, and engine itself. Now these original Saab parts are undergoing forces they were not built to withstand, causing blown gaskets and worse.

If unsure, the best option is to go for a genuine Saab turbo kit or one made by a reputable Saab aftermarket parts manufacturer. That way, you'll be sure the turbo parts that get installed are exactly what was taken out. If this is not an option due to cost or availability, before going forward with a Saab turbo kit install you should consult with an experienced mechanic, either in person or via online forum, or even ask a company like eEuroparts who will help you track down the right parts for your SAAB.

Once this potential wrinkle gets ironed out, itís time to order those replacement Saab parts, roll up those sleeves, and get to work. Good luck!

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