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Advice to buyers:

In years past you could expect the best manufacturers to show up at Knott's Berry farm in California and at Carlisle, PA for the two annual kit car shows. With the advent of the Internet those shows do not draw as many manufacturers. The very best manufacturers will still attend, and the top manufacturers will also attend SEMA in Las Vegas every year. Not all of those companies offer finished "turnkey" cars, but they can all refer you to a builder.

If you cannot attend any of those shows, you should select a company from the list that answers their phone and keeps their website up to date. You should also always practice due diligence and visit the company before purchasing. If you cannot visit their facility yourself, you should hire a local mechanic to visit the facility for you. Any reputable mechanic that offers pre-purchase inspection should be willing to go there and look at a finished car for you and report back to you for a hundred dollars or so. Then you will have an idea of what you are buying.

We remove companies from our list when we receive complaints about them. As we do not endorse any particular company, that is the best we can do in the way of a recommendation. Best of luck to you in your search!

We do not offer any products or services. We are a directory of kit car manufacturers and builders. There are about 750 different companies that we know of that manufacture, sell and/or build replicas, kits, bodies and parts. They are all listed on our main page at

The great majority of these companies are highly reputable, but you should be familiar with the phrase, "let the buyer beware". We do not endorse or recommend any company. In fact, we urge you to undergo all due diligence before doing business with any company in this industry.

In addition to researching the purchase of a "new" kit car or replica, you may also wish to consider the purchase of a "used" vehicle or previously owned unfinished kit. These websites advertise "used" kits and replicas: We suggest that you pay a reputable local mechanic at an independent automotive repair facility to do a pre-purchase inspection of a used vehicle if it is not possible for you to inspect it personally. Likewise, your due diligence should include a thorough background check of any company and it's principal owners before you do business with them. You may also pay a reputable third party mechanic to tour a manufacturer's facility before doing a financial transaction if you are unable to travel there yourself. Good luck in your quest.

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