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Race Cars

Race Cars

High power to weight ratio hand built specialty race cars with race car suspension geometry, race tubs, aero components, splitters, spoilers, diffusers, wings, fuel cells, and everything else that make these cars high performance race cars. Many other manufacturer's cars are also suitable for specialized forms of racing as well as the street. These cars are designed for the singular purpose of racing.

There are many other kinds of handbuilt component vehicles that you may also want to check out. For a complete list see our main page on Kit Car List.

Backdraft Racing GT40
Backdraft Racing
1300 West Industrial Ave. #103 
Boynton Beach, FL 33426
(561) 752-3693
Manufactures Cobra 427 and GT40 replicas, rolling chassis and 
turnkey-minus cars through U.S. dealer network

Bailey Porsche 917
Bailey Ferrari P-4
Bailey Lola T-70
Bailey Ford GT 40
Bailey Ford GT 40
Bailey LeMans LMP2
Bailey Cars North America
58 Underhill Street
Tuckahoe, New York 10707
(914) 299-2965
US Distributor of South African Bailey Cars, manufacturer of the Porsche 917,
Ferrari P-4, Lola T-70, GT1, GT 40, and the LeMans Prototype LMP2 delivered
turn key minus and 100% factory built of aircraft grade aluminum with race
or street suspension

Diasio D962R Turnkey Street Racer
Diasio Car Company, LLC
1869 Old Okeechobee Rd.
West Palm Beach, FL  33409
(561) 472-3598
Manufacturers of D962R an incredibly fast street/race car using a 
new 255 hp Mazda Renesis twin rotary engine and 6-speed Hewland 
transaxle, weighs 1400 lbs, Turnkey at $74,900.00

F40 Developments S-40 Silhouette Ferrari F40 Replica
F40 Developments Ltd.
P.O. Box 15-670
5/19 Portage Rd. 
New Lynn, Auckland, New Zealand
Manufactures Fiero-based S-40 Silhouette, an Italian-styling-inspired 
sports car/race car 

Factory Five Project 818
Factory Five GTM Supercar Race Car
Factory Five Racing
9 Tow Road 
Wareham, MA 02571
(508) 291-3443
Manufactures 5.0 Mustang-based ’65 roadster kits (Cobra 427 S/C replica), 
MK2, MK4, Spec racers, a coupe (Daytona replica), GT Spyder convertible, 
33 Hot Rod, and the GTM-2000 Supercar. The Project 818 has both a street and 
track version based on Subaru WRX components weighing 1800 lbs with power up
to 450 hp. Kit is $9,900. Complete car is $15,000. All are on custom chassis. 
The GTM Supercar kit is engineered to be built as a chassis kit with engine, 
front and rear control arms, suspension/brakes, and fuel tanks from a 1997-2004 
Corvette. Transaxle is Porsche 911 or Mendeola. It features ultra-rigid space 
frame, 6 point roll cage with roof-contoured bars, collapsible steering column, 
side impact bars, footbox steel surround, front/rear crumple zones, and flat
bottom steel floor pan with a complete package of every component for $19,900.

Ginetta G40
Ginetta G50
Ginetta G55
Ginetta GT4
Ginetta GT3
Ginetta Cars Ltd.
Helios 47
LS25 2DY
United Kingdom
+44 (0)8452 10 50 50
Manufactures G40 Junior, G40, G50, G55, GT4, GT3, G40R and G60 for track
and street with 1800cc Zetec SE engines, 3.7 litre V6, up to 4.35 Litre 
Racing V8 aluminium block engines. All race versions come with FIA safety 
cages, fuel cells and FIA driver's seats and harnesses

Hulme CanAm
Hulme Supercars Limited
+64 27 4733 927
+64 9 257 1133

The Hulme F1 is manufactured by New Zealand company Hulme Supercars Ltd. 
Its name is taken after the 1967 Formula One World Champion, New Zealander 
Denny Hulme. It is powered by the 7.0 L LS7 V8 sourced from the Chevrolet 
Corvette C6 and produces 600 hp (450 kW) However, mated to a 2,182.7 lb 
(990.1 kg) weight gives it a power-to-weight ratio of 3.6 lb (1.6 kg) per hp.
   The high performance mid-engined road car is designed to gives the excitement 
of driving a Formula One car on the road. New Zealand’s Hulme has revealed 
that development of its equally extreme CanAm Supercar has also been completed.
Their first model is a mid-engined roadster designed for both road and track use. 
   Power comes from a 7.0-liter LS7 V-8 engine churning out 600 horsepower and 
443 pound-feet of torque, enough to accelerate the CanAm from 0-62 mph in less 
than three seconds and see it reach a top speed in excess of 200 mph. The engine 
is mid-mounted and sends drive to the rear wheels via a Quaife six-speed manual 
gearbox. The braking system is from A.P. racing while Germany’s Bosch has 
designed the safety aids. Unlike an F1 car, this one will be able to seat two 
people with seats developed by Recaro. The final kerb weight has been measured 
at around 2,650 pounds.

Mosler MT900R
Mosler MT900 GT3
Mosler Automotive
2391 Old Dixie Highway
Riviera Beach, Florida 33404
(561) 842-2492  
Cambridgeshire +44(0)1480464052
Norfolk +44(0)1362851940
United Kingdom
Manufactures the MT900R, MT900S and the MT900 GT3 FIA GT3 race car. 
The MT900S Corvette powered mid-engine vehicles are suitable for 
the street and are now delivered with U.S. assigned VIN numbers.
With close to ten years of racing on the MT900R and MT900GT3 platforms, 
Mosler Auto is fully committed to supporting teams fielding MT900s in the 
most competitive challenges in the world. MT900 GT3 Race Specifications
comply with FIA GT3 regulations with Carbon kevlar® composite body panels,
Poly-carbonate side windows, Carbon composite standard doors, Front splitter 
and diffuser, Front dive vanes, Adjustable composite rear wing, rear diffuser, 
Carbon composite monocoque with steel tube front and rear subframes,
Integral bolted and bonded steel roll cage to FIA safety standards,
ATL 100 litre fuel cell, AP racing pneumatic jack system, Hewland NLT 
transaxle, 6 speed sequential with GT3 fixed ratios, Race spec triple 
plate clutch, Flat shift gear change system, Optional traction control,
LS7 V8 engine mapped for 98 octane unleaded fuel, dry sump system,
AP 6-piston front calipers, AP 4-piston rear calipers, AP 378mm ventilated 
front disc, AP 355mm ventilated rear disc, Manually adjustable front/rear 
brake bias, Optional front and rear upright carbon brake ducts, and
Rack-and-pinion steering with adjustable ratios

Race Car Replica LMP1
RCR / Race Car Replicas
37575 Groesbeck Highway
Clinton Township, Michigan 48036
(586) 329-1573
The LMP1 based on the 2001 Norstar LMP Cadillac LeMans Prototype 
This is as close to a real LMP car as you can get without driving 
the real thing. This race car is not designed for the street. 
Fran Hall of RCR Race Car Replicas reports the following:

"We are already at the start of production... moulds are done, 
I am waiting for the first of the modified new transaxles for the LMP 
to arrive.... we already have orders for the car...
Here is the spec of the kit available....

Aluminum monocoque tub RHD per LMP900(full flat floor)
Steel engine and rear suspension cradle/billet chassis plate.. 
LS Chevrolet engine T56 corvette transaxle manual or auto package only
(not included) 
Steel roll hoop (individual) 
15 gallon FIA FT3 fuel bladder 
Penske 8300 double adjustable shocks 
CNC billet uprights 
Steering rack 
Steering column with sealed bearing u-joint 
Steering wheel quick disconnect 
Fiberglass seat shell and mounts 
Gelcoat finish body panels (10+ colors available) 
White, black, ninja green, yellow, gulf blue, deep green, red, 
deep blue, primer grey, orange, grabber blue. 
Body latches with stainless steel alignment pins 
Front splitter and rear wing/ supports 
Billet aluminum/steel hybrid control arms 
Chromoly/Teflon spherical bearings throughout 
GM wheel bearings 
Chromoly stub axles 
Race axles with high speed race cv boots/joints 
Shifter assembly 
Tail/brake lights 
Forgestar wheels 18 x 10 and 18 x 12 
Tilton triple pedal assembly with master cylinders 
Brembo 4 piston calipers front and rear 
14 inch rotors front and rear 
Brake line kit with braided hoses 
Aluminum radiator 
AIM MXL dash (base unit) 
Rear wing/mount (carbon available)
Rear diffuser
Price: $42,995.00 

This is as close to a real LMP car as you can get without the crazy price 
tag of seq. transaxles and carbon tubs..
I have all the suspension geometry from the original cars , along with all 
the aero components.....and these are what we have replicated
As you can see the spec of some of the components in the kit, it really shows 
that this will be a true race car (zero street car option) ...bladder/Penskes 
etc... come on boys its time to go fast.... really really fast"

FRAN HALL replica manufacturer.....

RCR-40..Mk1, 2 and Mk4
RCR-70 Mk3b
RCR-70 Spider
Superlite Coupe
Superlite Roadster...including Electrolite
XJ13 for SCF

Caparo T1
T1 Cars Limited
Unit 6, The Ringway Centre, Houndmills Business Park
Edison Road, Basingstoke, Hampshire, RG21 6YH
+44 (0)1256 351340

The Caparo T1 shows how close you can get to the reality of driving a road-legal 
F1 car.  Developed by engineers that helped deliver the iconic McLaren F1, the 
Caparo T1 is a new uncompromised and unconstrained sports car that sets new 
boundaries in performance, driver experience and enjoyment. The Caparo T1 has
an unrivalled, extremely high speed dynamic performance envelope.

   The Caparo T1 is a track day and road going 2 seater sports car using aerospace 
and high formula composite racing technologies whilst providing race bred safety. 
This extremely lightweight sports car is capable of true ‘aerodynamic’ high speed 
performance and delivers a new level of acceleration, cornering and braking to 
the driver at 3g+ via its 1000 bhp/tonne performance specifications.

   The Caparo T1 is a cost effective and reliable race car, setting new milestones 
in supercar performance.

Maximum Speed: >322kmh (200mph)
(Low downforce setup)
0-160-km/h (0-100mph): <5 seconds
0-96km/h (0-60mph): <2.5 seconds
(depending on tyre setup)
Lateral acceleration: Up to 3g+
Braking deceleration: Up to 3g+

   The Caparo T1 is born from a pure engineering base with no compromises and 
delivered by a team that has played a significant role in the design and development 
of some of the worlds fastest and prestigious vehicles. Their skills lie in producing 
literally the worlds best sports, road and racing cars and applying revolutionary
design techniques and innovations to the T1, to create the ultimate track day 
experience. 3g cornering is developed by diffusers to generate almost all its 
downforce from the flow of air under the car. Front and rear wings are adjustable 
to tune the Caparo T1’s balance

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