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MG Kits

MG Replica Kits, Bodies and Parts

The Kit Car List of MG Kits, Bodies and Parts, manufacturers, dealers, builders, parts and turnkeys. There are many other kit cars and component vehicles that use the MG for running gear. For a complete list see our main page of kit cars on Kit Car List.

MGTF Miata based MG Replica
Alternative Cars (Intl.) Ltd.
P.O. Box 13207
29b Alfred St 
Onehunga, Auckland, New Zealand
Manufactures the Mazda Miata-based ’55 MGTF TG Sports

MG Magic, Inc
3268 Governor Dr, Unit 387
San Diego, CA 92122
(954) 680-2010
Sells new replacement parts and accessories for FiberFab and 
Classic Motor Carriages Replica Kit Cars for MG TD, MG MiGi, 
Gazelle SSK, British Replicas, German Replicas, and others.

Prototype Research ’52 MG TD
Prototype Research & Development Ltd.
230 Albert Ln. 
Box 1330 Campbellford, 
Ontario, Canada K0L 1L0
(705) 653-4525
Manufactures ’34 Mercedes 500K (kit $14,500; turnkey $49,500)
’35 Auburn speedster (kit $14,200; turnkey $45,500)
’35 Auburn four-seater (kit $15,200; turnkey $49,500)
’52 MGTD on VW pan (kit $14,250; turnkey $24,950)
’55 Chevy Bel Air Convertible (kit $10,100; turnkey $43,900)
’57 Chevy Bel Air Convertible (kit $ 10,100; turnkey $47,900)

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